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"Marketing, which represents all the work between developing a new product and getting it sold, has been searching for a structured set of processes that could fill the gap. Sutton and Klein deserve the credit for filling this gap with their concept of Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) that now can stand with ERP, CRM, and SCP as the four platforms for running an efficient, effective and profitable business."

-Philip Kotler
S. C. Johnson Distinguished Professor of International Marketing
Kellogg School of Management

"This book has successfully connected science with marketing in a comprehensible manner that can be applied to real problems.  It takes the guesswork out of marketing and provides a roadmap of how to let the data inform marketing decisions.  I urge those in marketing to definitely read this book."

-Dave Reibstein
William Stewart Woodside Professor of Marketing
The Wharton School

...closest thing to a CMO's handbook. -Jerry Noonan

Enterprise Marketing Management; The New Science of Marketing

"Sutton and Klein have redefined the domain of marketing.  Because of this one book the discipline will never be the same.  Their new discipline of enterprise marketing finally will achieve the broad reach across organizations that have been so elusive until now.  Enterprise Marketing Management does even more for CMOs. It gives them a road map into the board room, with step-by-step directions for reclaiming their rightful place at the table."

-Victor J. Cook, Jr.
Emeritus Professor of Enterprise Marketing Strategy
A.B. Freeman School of Business

"This is a must-read, especially for senior marketers who want and deserve a seat at the table. It speaks to a key issue of marketing relevancy and provides some new thinking on how to integrate marketing in an organization or enterprise and in doing so, increase its role and importance in delivering business results."

-Dennis Dunlap
Chief Executive Officer
American Marketing Association